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square one health group offers full dental services for the whole family. visit our office in mississauga today!

At Square One Health Group, we strive to fulfill the health, dental, and pharmacy needs of families. With our full-service dental practice in Fairview, you and your children can receive professional services. Whether dealing with toothaches or improving aesthetics, our dentists have the expertise and technology to address your concerns. Our friendly team is committed to improving oral health with modern treatment techniques and a preventive approach. 


Family Dental Services in Mississauga

We treat the whole family. Young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors each have unique needs, which is why we provide personalized dental care. We offer thorough examinations that inspect every area of the smile and utilize digital technology for precise diagnosis. Our dentists determine your current oral health needs and lay out a plan to fulfill them. We also take the time to listen to patients and get to know them, as we want to build trust and allay any fears.

We offer the following dental services in Mississauga, around the Square One Area:

Delivering Care in a Positive Environment

At our dental practice, comfort is a high priority. We help anxious patients feel at ease by talking to them, explaining our steps, and adjusting treatment. Our dentists advance at your pace and stop if something causes discomfort. We do what we can to help patients relaxed while visiting our practice, as this supports a favourable view of dental care. 

The Square One Health Group Approach 

When families visit Square One Health Group, they can rely on our team of doctors, dentists, and pharmacists to take care of diverse oral health needs. If you require a dental prescription, possibly for a special toothpaste or antibiotic, all you have to do is visit our pharmacy desk. We believe our multi-disciplined approach simplifies the process of obtaining complete wellness. 

Call or Visit for an Appointment!

Open seven days a week, our Fairview dentists welcome new and returning patients. Schedule a cleaning for you or a loved one, or visit if you have a dental emergency. Our dentists will promptly examine the issue and offer solutions to grant relief. 

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