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Square One Helath Group offers medical treatment for the whole family. Contact out office in Mississauga today!Are you looking for a family doctor that is accepting new patients?  Are you looking for a family doctor near me?   Are you looking for a female family doctor accepting new patients? Then you have reached the right clinic.  Our doctors are accepting new patients at this time.  With our effective booking procedures you can make appointments online right here on our website 24/7 or call our offices during working hours to book your appointments.  

Our physicians are dedicated to providing compassionate, respectful care and inspiration for the well-being of our patients. Together we learn and teach medicine to better the health of our community.

At Square One Health Group, we focus on providing total health and comfort. Located in Square One area, our medical centre is conveniently located on Burnhamthorpe Road and Confederation Parkway on street level.  

 With a certified and well-trained team on hand, you and your loved ones can receive proper medical care. We also offer pharmacy and dental services at our group practice, reducing the time spent travelling to pharmacies across town, or being seen by additional practitioners.

 We welcome walk-in patients along with patients looking for family doctors.  Due to extra screening due to COVID-19 we encourage all walk-in patients to make an appointment, even if it is a same day appointment as most of our physicians are serving the community by offering telephone appointments for walk-in patients.  Please visit our walk-in page for more details.

 Here at the doctors office in Mississauga, our health group offers a gentle approach to your overall health. We provide medical care to patients of all ages. 


* Cosmetic Skin Procedures - Scar Treatment, Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Lumps
* Joint Pain Injections - Shoulders, Hips, Knees, Elbows, Ankles, etc.  

Health Exams and Preventive Care

Our Family Doctors offer annual medical examination along with offering appointments for many other common health concerns.  Health issues are more effectively treated early on. Routine exams allow our doctors to keep track of your well being and proactively address concerns before they impact your comfort. With modern equipment including digital x-rays, we strive to make the health check process simpler and more accurate. Our general practitioners are meticulous in their care, taking the time to listen to patients and thoroughly evaluate their current standing.

Some of the common reasons for making an appointment with  Square One Health Group? 

Are you experiencing an acute or chronic cough? The reason for your cough will be diagnosed when you visit one of our caring doctors at Square One Health Group.

Chronic fatigue is not a normal occurrence. Visit Square One Health Group in the Square One area if you are experiencing fatigue that lasts longer than several weeks.

Low Back Pain 
Square One Health Group has the tools necessary to diagnose the cause of low back pain as well as offering treatment options.

There could be many reasons for the cause of a fever. At Square One Health Group, our doctors are well equipped to take on the challenge of diagnosing the cause of acute fever. 

Dyspnea (Difficult or Labored Breathing)
Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic Dyspnea, our doctors at Square One Health Group will consider the best treatment options to manage the many causes of Dyspnea.

Generalized Abdominal Pain
Our doctors at Square One Health Group are experienced at analyzing the symptoms of abdominal pain. This allows the best treatment for the diagnoses given.

If you are experiencing acute or chronic headaches, our doctors at Square One Health Group will check to see if there are red flags that could lead to a diagnoses that requires treatments.

Are you experiencing dizziness? Has your visions been affected? Visit Square One Health Group to be evaluated by one of our doctors to see which treatment options are the best for you.
Chest Pain 
The causes for chest pain affects all ages and any reason should be taken seriously. At Square One Health Group, our doctors have the experience and the means to diagnose the reason for your chest pain.

If you are retaining fluid in your legs, ankles, and other parts of your body, our doctors at Square One Health Group are here to distinguish the cause of fluid retention. Contact Square One Health Group in the Square One Area to understand the cause of your Edema.

We offer many kinds of preventive services, including: 

  • Athletic Exams and Physicals
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Heart Checks
  • Colonoscopies
  • Vaccinations

When patients need additional tests or require specialized care, we coordinate with a trusted network. Our doctors create treatment plans based on an individual’s needs and unique physiology. We understand that medical care is not one-size-fits-all and that quality medical attention is defined by its effectiveness. As such, we focus on delivering treatment that produces positive results. 

Restoring Health and Comfort in Mississauga

Our general practitioners are available for more complex problems, such as setting broken bones and providing a diagnosis of your sickness. With our on-site pharmacy, we make it easy to receive medical attention and obtain your prescriptions, allowing you to get back to daily life more quickly. 

If you’re looking for a family clinic, or need urgent care, visit our practice off of Burnhamthorpe Road W in the Square One Area.



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