New Patient Dental Exam

The Complete Dental & Oral Health Checkup New Patient Dental Exam of Square One Health Group

We complete a detailed examination of your oral health in order to provide you with the best care possible. Our New Patient Dental Exam includes the following:


  • Free Oral Cancer Screening
  • Early signs of mouth or throat cancer, such as white lesions or blocked salivary glands
  • Complete and thorough examination, intra and extra-orally
  • Damaged, missing or decayed teeth
  • Early signs of cavities
  • Examine all of your teeth and tissues
  • Take digital (low radiation) x-rays of your teeth (including pan or FMS)
  • Review any past history of bone or gum disease and compare that information with our x-rays
  • Condition of your gums, such as periodontal pockets, inflammation or other signs of gum disease (which can lead to tooth and bone loss)
  • To see how previous dental work such as root canals, fillings and crowns are holding up
  • Other suspicious growths or cysts
  • Sensitivity - Do cold or hot drinks bother you?
  • Bleeding in any areas of your mouth?
  • Position of your teeth (e.g., spacing, bite)
  • Signs that you clench or grind your teeth (a treatable problem that can cause headache or sore jaw and can, if serious, lead to hearing loss and tooth loss)
  • Signs of bleeding or inflammation on your tongue and on the roof or floor of your mouth
  • The overall health and function of your temporomandibular joint (which joins the jaw to skull), checking for signs of disorders that can cause pain or tenderness
  • The general condition of the bones in your face, jaw and around your mouth
  • Create a Dental Treatment Plan that outlines any future dental work required and how long it will take to complete
  • Address any needs, questions or concerns you might have
  • Provide estimates for the dental work recommended to you and review your insurance coverage (if applicable)
  • Outline the Financing Options available to you
  • Review all our policies and procedures so you fully understand how things work