Meet the Pharmacist

Vibhor Dua, RPh


Our pharmacy team is here to help you and your love ones with providing exceptional advice, fulfilling your medication, and consulting for all inquiries. At SQ1 Health Group, our head pharmacist, Vibhor is here to help serve you and ensure your medications needs are looked after. He has an extensive knowledge of both retail and clinical pharmacy.

As a licensed pharmacist with the Ontario college of pharmacy, Vibhor strives to provide comfort and care for all his patients by thoughtful and individualized treatment plans. Vibhor started his careers journey, by working as a manufacturing pharmacist for a few pharmaceutical companies to help formulated both over-the counter medications and therapeutic agents. He worked with many regulator bodies to establish correct manufacturing practices and ensure to meet high standards

Vibhor, as a pharmacist is very precise and careful, when dispensing and calculating medications for his patients. He understands and studies all possible drug interactions, patient’s history, and lifestyle and ensures to dispense the most suitable medications. He works very closely with physicians and consults with them as a one team approach for the best medical regimen for patients. As well, Vibhor keeps himself updated with taking courses and educating himself with new practices and guidelines.

Vibhor is fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.